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Variable Geometry Plate Bending Machine

Unmatched capacity.   Superlative precision.   Optimal turnout.
variable geometry plate bending machine2

Ensures extremely longer life of hydraulic system

Precision Manufacturing Aided By High Quality Assurance

Excellent and important feature at no extra cost

Future-ready machines, ready to integrate and automate


Experience Hassle-free Bending

Our top-of-the-line Plate Bending Machines are designed for hassle-free usage and energy saving features; to ensure peace of mind and operational ease for plate bending jobs.

The variable geometry machines deliver a multiple advantages to your fabrication infrastructure - a remarkably increased rolling capacity, reduced capital expenditure and lower ongoing operational costs. They prove to be the most attractive investment for heavy plate thickness (Above 80mm) applications.


Variable Geometry Design

variable geometry pre-pinching.png
variable geometry pre-pinching1.png
variable geometry pre-pinching2.png
variable geometry pre-pinching3.png





Plate bending/rolling process

Himalaya Variable Geometry machines deliver performance equivalent to that obtained with the more expensive 4-roll plate bending rolls and are therefore ideal for medium-to-heavy duty rolling.

Exceptionally high rolling capacity is achieved due to variable bending span of the bottom rolls. the rolling capacity can be 15-20 % higher than linear guideway and swing-guide designs of same top roll dia. machines.

The special configuration of this design provides for the plate bending rolls to move independently by hydraulic cylinders – the top roll moves vertically; the bottom rolls move horizontally – and are rotated by integrated planetary gearboxes with hydro-motors. This allows for optimal central distance between the bottom rolls and the distance between the bending points offering immense advantages. 

For thin plates, the roll span can be drastically reduced, generating excellent traction, and avoiding driving slippage and spring-back. 
For thick plates, the bending span can be significantly increased thus reducing the bending load and plate deformation. 
Additionally, bottom rolls can be moved independent to each other and can be placed asymmetrically to achieve high quality edge bending.

Another key benefit of horizontally moving bottom rolls is that the plates can be fed using a simple unpowered conveyor, saving costs.

The variable geometry machines deliver a multiple advantages to your fabrication infrastructure - a remarkably increased rolling capacity, reduced capital expenditure and lower ongoing operational costs. They prove to be the most attractive investment for heavy plate thickness (Above 80mm) applications.
Himalay Advantage
Product Range
Build quality & Benefits

V- Series Product Range

Top roll size
Bottom roll size
















* All capacities are as per 26 Kg/mm2 (Yield Strength of Plate Material)

* All dimensions are in mm.

We offer machines with fixed as well as variable speeds according to your application and feed requirements.

Build Quality & Benefits

Sturdy Steel Structure

Himalaya machines have a robust steel structure made from heavy metal plates. The frames are connected to each other by a strong box design chassis. The frames have interlocks & strengthening ribs. 


The rolls are the most important elements of our machines. Himalaya designs the rolls with optimal diameter and uses forged carbon steel rolls that are machined by high precision CNC lathes. Our rolls have a special spline-based design that is extremely efficient in connecting the rolls with the planetary gear system. This diminishes points of roll failure compared to welded connections provided by other manufacturers.

variable geometry plate bending machine

Our rolls are crowned to compensate for roll deflection during the bending process. Custom crown-machined rolls for different materials or thickness can be selected when ordering.

Hydraulic Gear System
hydraulic gear system_edited.png

Additional energy saving is ensured in our variable geometry machines by a hydraulic system which can work at less than full capacity when jobs less than maximum thickness are rolled. Twin speed operation also reduces the energy consumption up to 50% when slower operating speed is selected.

Himalaya Planetary driving system ™ used in our machines is efficient and eliminates energy wastage associated with heavy-transmission systems and yet achieves the goal of speed reduction by increasing the stages in gears and pinions. 

Operational Benefits

Operational Benefits

Pre-Pinching  (Pre-Bending)

The pre bending operation does not require the plate to tilt below the feeding level saving handling time. Edge bending can be done before or after shell rolling depending on operator skill and choice. Thin plates can be rolled and edge-bent in a single pass.

Easy Cone Bending

The cone bending process with the V series is simple. As the bottom rolls move horizontally, plate feeding is highly convenient. Only the Top roll needs to be inclined to achieve cone bending geometry. This is controlled and monitored by electronic microprocessor (on some models).

Our control system also ensures accuracy on repetitive jobs and easy return to parallel setting after cone bending.

High Productivity
  • State-of-the-art in forming cylinders and cones.

  • Easy to install, extremely user-friendly and convenient to service. 

  • Simple to learn and operate. No extensive operator training required.

  • Robust construction reduces wear & tear.

  • Readily available spare parts.

  • Tropicalized oil cooling system ensures non-stop operations in hot working conditions.

  • Easy to understand hydraulic and electrical system reduce unwanted down time.


Other than cylinders and cones, other non-circular shapes like oil tankers and elliptical shells can be made using a PLC version. The machine can also be used as a heavy-duty press brake for other forming operations.

  • Due to the exceptional build quality, failure-resistant linear guideway design, high operational precision, and a wide range of jobs that can accurately rolled, the K series machines prove to be the most attractive investment for any type of industry, regular production or a job shop.

  • Due to a variety of accessories that are available to enhance the machine capability, the investment is justified in more than one way. The energy saving features and negligible maintenance cost also promise a low running cost.

Additional Features

Additional Features

Alongside our excellent design and build quality, we provide the following additional features and accessories upon request from our client.


Surface-Hardened Rolls

Induction Hardened Rolls having Surface Hardness between 42 to 55 HRC for additional durability and longevity.


Tilting Table

Tilting tables for support while feeding plates at specific angles. Specially useful for plates of larger lengths.


Interchangeable Top Rolls

Interchangeable top rolls to add versatility to your large size machines for rolling small diameters shells. For e.g. interchangeable top roll of 350 mm diameter, on a machine having top roll of 470 mm diameter. 



Powered Conveyors that provide ease of plate feeding in case of longer plate lengths, improved machine performance and longevity.


Central & Side Shell Supports

Central & side shell supports provide ease of operation, operational cost saving and productivity while increasing safety of workers.


PLC Control

PLC Controllers provide precision, ease of operation, while identifying needs for preventive maintenance to increase machine life and optimize productivity.


Hard Chrome Plated Rolls

Hard chrome plated rolls for special applications in Pharma and Dairy Industry.

The HIMALAYA Advantage

Himalaya Machinery
Enjoy the peace of mind that you are in good hands.


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