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Manufacturing Excellence in Plate Rolling  Industry

At Himalaya, we have established our excellence across the various spheres of manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is well equipped.
Our well equipped manufacturing set up  includes :
  • Assembly line

  • Heavy and light machine shops

  • Fabrication shop

  • Heat Treatment facility

  • Material testing Laboratory

  • Quality Assurance system

  • Testing facilities of Assemblies and Sub Assemblies

We also have an in-house heat treatment shop, mini laboratory and extensive material handling facilities.

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A Talented Workforce

Apart from the machines and years of experience, our human resources help us execute projects and ensure smooth operations. Our team consists of engineers, technicians, quality assurance executives and other skilled and unskilled workforce. Their strong dedication and commitment has ensured our success and constant progress.


On our part we regularly undertake training initiatives for our employees to enhance their horizons and sharpen their skills.


Quality and reliability are the backbone of Himalaya. Every part that goes into the machine is checked for quality at multiple levels. First-Class workmanship is ensured at every stage of manufacturing and every machine is thoroughly checked before dispatch.

Strict quality checks are done at each level of production process. All components, bought-outs and raw material are checked for cracks, tensile strength and chemical composition. Measuring instruments are calibrated as per the systems and procedure manual for ISO 9001.

We have a separate department of qualified engineers and technicians, which keeps a watchful lookout on all quality related matters.

Each product is tested as per Himalaya’s internal standards. Electrical, Electronic components, Assemblies, Sub-Assemblies are tested at all stages as well as final assembly stage.

Gain The Himalaya Advantage


Excellence cannot be outsourced; it’s an inherent quality that can only be nurtured within. We at Himalaya have been engineering excellence since four decades, by creating state-of-the-art metal forming machines.


All HIMALAYA products are indigenous design, we have team of IIT engineers, we use software such as 3D CAD and 2D CAD to design the machines, and various test such as FEM are also conducted.

  • No load is taken on welding of frames in HIMALAYA plate bending machine.

  • We have Machine frame welding jigs & fixtures and Welding stations

  • 40 tons material handing facility (20 tons X 2 no's)

Metal cutting.png
  • Before cutting every single plate, it is being tested for ultrasonic and chemical composition

  • Two CNC flame cutting machines and various pug cutting, profile cutting and other cutting machines

  • 20 tons material handing facility

Sheet Metal.png

We have our own Press Brake, Shear machines. We manufacture Electrical components like cupboard panel, electrical junction etc. and Hydraulic components like Tank, Cooler & sheet metal covers and etc.


Operations such as turning, threading, profile threading, boring, milling, facing, cross boring, drilling and tapping are done here.

  • 10 Lathes (CNC and Conventional both)

  • 6 Horizontal boring machines

  • Vertical Lathe

  • 2 Plano millers

  • 40 tons of handling facility

Machine Icon.png

Various components of the machines are brought from component store and machines are assembled here then quality assurance is done and finally dispatched. There are three assembly lines.

  • First assembly line has material handling capacity of 25 tons to assemble small size of machines

  • Second assembly line has material handling facility of 50 tons to assemble medium size of machines.

  • Third assembly line has material handing facility of 100 tons to assemble large size of machines

Rolls are very important parts of plate bending and plate straightening machines. Rolls are ultrasonically tested and non-destructive chemical analysis is conducted.

We have CNC lathes to carry out roll truing (machining) operation and rolls are camber.

  • 2 CNC lathes

  • 5 convectional lathes

  • 40 tons of handling facility


In order to provide a world class product in minimum lead time with best possible quality all the parts and components must be processed through cutting-edge technology. To achieve this target CNC technology comes to help us.
We have the following CNC machines in our machine shop to minimize manufacturing time and maintain best quality.

  • 2 vertical machining centers ( VMCs) - Facing, Milling, Surface pocketing, Side pocketing, Chamfering etc

  • 2 CNC turning centers - Facing, Outer diameter turning, Inner diameter turning, External threading, Internal threading etc

  • 2 CNC turning centers

  • 2 heavy duty CNC lathe with large diameter and 5-6 m length

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