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Why Do Himalaya Plate Rolling Machines Work for 40+ Years?

As a customer, you often buy from brands you know and trust. Right? Especially when you are investing huge chunks of your money. And when buying things as expensive as metal fabricating machines, you would think twice! (Maybe thrice)

But what if these machines lasted for 40+ years and are still running? Himalaya Machinery Pvt. Ltd. (HMPL) - a heavy engineering company - has been the founder and leader of the metal fabrication industry in India for over four decades.

But the question is, how do these continue to last despite technological advancements? Let us reveal the secret behind Himalaya Machinery's metal forming machines that have consistently stood the test of time.

Himalaya Machinery: Leading Metal Forming Company

Steadily worked out a way to the top, Himalaya Machinery - more than a 40-year-old company - is a leading metal forming brand. We are proud to be the founder and leader of this industry in India.

Himalaya has earned an unwavering reputation through its cutting-edge technology and machine performance. Spread across an impressive 16,000m2; our production plant is in Vadodara's prime industrial zone.

The production plant provides easy access to transportation, skilled labor and power supply, besides being equipped with the following machines:

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The company offers services in multiple sectors, such as shipping, rocket shells, earth-moving equipment, oil tanks and silos. Moreover, our 400+ delighted clients include prominent names like Tata Group, Indian Railways, Indian Navy, and Reliance.

With this, let’s march forward to reveal the answer you have been waiting for…

The First Machine We Ever Sold is Still in Operation - HOW?

Our company has manufactured and commissioned over 2500 machines across India and overseas. Besides engraving manufacturing excellence in our work ethics, our team consistently produces high-quality products. Products that exceed industry standards.

But there is so much more to it than quality and work ethics.

So, our metal forming machines have been in operation since 1978 due to three key factors.

Reason 1: Our Core Values

We value a strong foundation of guiding principles as a leading metal forming/ bending manufacturer. These values have and will influence the direction of our company in the coming years. Here are six core values that we abide by.

Core Value 1: Customer Satisfaction

Himalaya is always ready and willing to offer support to our clients with the following:

  • On-demand services,

  • An ever-ready inventory of spares and

  • Customer support.

However, we put out all the stops, so our clients rarely require our help.

Core Value 2: Result Oriented

The company's end goal is a finished product (a metal forming machine) delivered successfully to the customer. Our entire team values, understands and focuses on building what the customer instructs.

Furthermore, if required, our technicians are always prepared to anticipate and address any foreseeable challenges that may arise.

Core Value 3: Taking Ownership

As a brand, Himalaya acknowledges its mistakes, admits failures and takes ownership of anything that may come. We never turn our backs; our strength lies in standing for consequences and solving problems.

Core Value 4: Upgrading Creatively

There is an expression that says, "No matter how skilled one becomes, there's always room for improvement." This is what drives us at Himalaya - we aim to get better at every possible step and make room for creativity in our machines.

The zeal to improve continuously resulted in us exporting our first 3-roll plate bending/rolling machine to Kenya in 2016.

Core Value 5: Teamwork

When it comes to manufacturing machines as huge as metal forming machines, teamwork plays a crucial role. At Himalaya, our team works together throughout the entire process, from manufacturing to after-sale services.

Himalaya Machinery Core Team

1.6 Consistent Quality

A Track record of 400+ repeat clients is evidence that you can expect nothing but exceptional quality machines from Himalaya. The biggest example - is our 40-year-old plate bending machine still running in excellent condition.

Reason 2: Our Love for Our Machines

Another important reason for stepping into a new decade of excellence is our founders. They transformed a small idea into an engineering leader, "Himalaya Machinery." Growing our love towards our machines.

Himalaya Machinery's Founders with One of the First Plate Rolling Machines

Mr. Ronnie - The brain behind Himalaya Machinery, is no longer with us, but his love and passion for machines inspire us to date and will continue always. Himalaya is proud to have the leadership of such a brilliant, inspired mind.

Mr. Ronnie was a B.E. Mechanical by qualification, an engineer by mind and a visionary by profession. He believed that designing a machine was art, and that is why he was a master artist.

Mr. Rashmi Shah, a mechanical engineer himself, has managed every aspect of the manufacturing process at Himalaya to date. Moreover, he has also built the company's human capital.

Indeed, he loves the machines, but he is also a sharp observer, a patient listener and a great problem solver.

Under his mentoring, our company has developed and strengthened engineering capabilities that are at par with the best in the world and underpin our machines' superior quality.

While Mr. Ronnie was the brilliance behind Himalaya's machine designs, Mr. Rashmi is the brains behind our manufacturing might. From being the best of friends, they also became trusted business partners and pioneered Himalaya Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

Reason 3: Our Manufacturing Process

Engineer Inspecting Plate Rolling Machine

For our journey of 40+ years, Himalaya's manufacturing setup is the third most important factor.

​For us, manufacturing and operational excellence refers to exceeding safety, machine performance, and plant capacity. This also includes employee training and satisfaction as well as customer service.

Our well-equipped manufacturing setup includes the following:

  • Assembly Line

Spread across 16,000 square meters, we have three assembly lines that can handle 25, 50 and 100 tons of components for machines of every size.

  • Heavy and Light Machine Shops

These machine shops can handle up to 40 tons of components and machinery. The machines handle turning, threading, boring, cross-boring and much more.

  • Fabrication Shop

To process the components with cutting-edge technology, our CNC or fabrication shops have two vertical machining centers (VMCs), two CNC turning centers and two heavy-duty CNC lathes.

  • Heat Treatment Facility

We take the components we deliver to our customers to a heat treatment facility. Imparting benefiting properties and altering the microstructure of the components. This process complements and helps the working life of the components.

  • Material Testing Laboratory

The laboratory tests and checks the materials' physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Our end goal is to deliver the best quality machines to our clients.

  • Quality Assurance System

We go out of the way regarding our machines' QA process. The assurance test is approved only after the machines have been thoroughly tested mechanically and physically.

  • Testing Facilities of Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

Himalaya Machinery provides machine assembling services and independent testing facilities for assembled and sub-assembled machines.

We also have an in-house heat treatment shop, a mini laboratory and extensive material handling facilities.


Our core values, love for machines, respect for our customers and decades of sweat-breaking hard work are the secret to where we are today.

Although it is never-ending, we at Himalaya promise to abide by these key principles. Contact us to see for yourself if our machines work for generations to come.

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