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Himalaya Plate Straightening Machines: An Integral Part of the Metal Processing Industry

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

The metal processing industry provides a large chunk of manufacturing and construction solutions that make several industries such as earth moving, shipbuilding, wind energy, silos, metal structure, roads and railway structures, tubes and pipes and several others. The important thing to note is that these are huge metal structures and require workshops and factories around the world to utilize plate straightening machines to bend or roll big metal plates in the desired form.

Along with the bending of the metal plates, it is necessary that one understands the process of straightening them. A metal plate that is imperfectly bent or has imperfect factors needs to be straightened for the metal plate bending machine to perform the bending job effectively. Such imperfections may lead to safety problems and reduced functionality and aesthetics.

A metal plate straightening machine helps the workshops to straighten the metal plates that are bent or warped. If you own a workshop, a metal plate straightening machine can help you with a more uniform structure and aesthetics in the final result. Let’s understand what a metal plate straightening machine is and which industries benefit from it.

What is a Metal Plate Straightening Machine?

Like a metal plate bending or rolling machine, the straightening machine uses multiple rollers to straighten the bent or warped metal plates.

Take the below example containing twelve rolls integrated to provide a straightened metal plate when a bent, rolled, a warped or non-uniform metal plate is inserted.

Metal plate straightening’s use is widespread, and the expanded straightening machine usage touches the sectors such as tubes and plates other than metal plates. A Himalaya plate straightening machine has the following characteristics:

Shown above is a 4-roll plate straightening mechanism.

A Himalaya plate straightening machine has the following manufacturing capabilities:

  • Machine is available in 2 to 60 mm thickness and 1000 to 5000 mm width

  • Accuracy for rated capacity range +/-1mm per meter

  • Used for cold straightening of plates

  • The machine comes with a 2mm to 60mm thickness in spans of 1000mm to 5000mm

  • Each straightening roll is crowned to compensate for deflection

  • The machine comes with low drive power, low side pressure and low maintenance cost

The rollers on the straightening machine apply the pressure in a uniform direction and make the metal plate get bend in a uniform manner and hardly depending on the texture of the metal plate.

Which Industries Use Himalaya Plate Straightening Machines?

Plate straightening machines are in high demand, and we would know that since we are one of the major manufacturers and providers of plate straightening machines. There are three major industries that require Himalaya plate straightening machines which we will be discussing today.

1) Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing never stops. It only grows and grows for the better. The appliances of all things are going nowhere since they provide the comfort, ease and luxury that people want in their life. Large industries such as rocket shells, railway coaches, auto parts, oil tanks and others utilize plate straightening machines. The furniture made by the manufacturing units is also a worthy contender in why plate straightening machines can thrive in the industry.

2) Construction Industry

Construction is never going to stop since one or the other way, people will keep building new architecture. Construction’s heavy demand is for straightened metal components as they use hanging-type straightening machines.

3) Automotive Industry

From the inner vehicle parts to the outer body and chassis of the vehicle, the automotive industry highly relies on metal plate straightening machines. The frames and body panels that are built using plate straightening machines are the support of automobiles and vehicles. They add to the aesthetics of the vehicle.

4) Wind Energy

Large windmills are built to generate more power. In recent years, the growth in this industry has provided a massive boost and opportunity for the plate straightening industry since it requires different parts in its working mechanism that are not only rolled but straightened too.

Now that we know which industries are benefiting the most from metal plate straightening machines, it is time to move forward to the most important topic to discuss. How can these plate straightening machines help the metal-forming industry?

How can Himalaya Plate Straightening Machines Help the Industry?

Himalaya is a quadragenarian when it comes to experience. The brand is over 40 years old, and the fire to keep learning and improving at our core helps us be the best not only for our customers but all the other people that our relationship will touch in the future.

We focus on being on the same page with the technology and delivering the quality that one needs. Here are three important factors that explain how Himalaya metal plate straightening machines can help the industry in a better way.

Uncompromised Quality

At Himalaya, we focus on delivering the quality that businesses and workshops desire for themselves. The straight and uniform parts of the equipment improve the final product’s feel and appearance.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

As discussed earlier, we at Himalaya are always looking to match our steps with the latest technology available. With AI and automation, the workshops can not only cut costs but boost their productivity even after requiring less labor. AI, on the other hand, helps make automation swifter and the final product more acceptable.

High Precision Straightening with CNC

In a process where dimensional tolerances are critical, the need to achieve accuracy cannot be neglected. Since the clients and consumers are expecting a lot better from the manufacturers and providers, Himalaya makes sure that all the conditions are met, and the precision doesn’t get compromised a bit.

Last Words

Metal plate straightening machines are a big part of the metal forming industry, just like metal bending or rolling machines. The technology coming to the plate straightening machines helps the workshops manufacture high-precision metal structures with the use of automation and artificial intelligence. If you have any queries regarding metal plate straightening machines, you can contact us and ask our experts.


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