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Himalaya 3-Roll Plate Bending/Rolling Machine: 10 Features You Need to Know

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Quality has no substitute when it comes to customer satisfaction. Himalaya Machinery has been providing metal-forming solutions for 40+ years now. From the large set of machines that we supply, 3-roll plate bending/rolling machines are a top choice for our customers. As experienced as we are, we have always stayed in touch with our customers to keep bettering.

3-roll plate bending/rolling is a process of bending metal sheets into desired shapes. These machines are an integral part of the manufacturing process. Building large customized machines requires businesses to bend/roll metal sheets in large quantities, and you need machines that have features even you wouldn’t know your businesses needed all this time.

Let us tell you a bit about what 3-roll plate bending/rolling machines are and which industries utilize them.

Understanding 3-Roll Bending/Rolling Machine

When the industrial revolution started, there was a need for machines that would efficiently deliver quality within the workspace. 3-roll bending machines have played an important role in history and continue to do so.

Of the three rolls in Himalaya Machinery's 3-roll bending/rolling machine, two side rolls are movable, which induces linear movement, while the top roll rotates idly at its position. This top roll is interchangeable so you can roll smaller and larger diameter shells as required. The process of changing the roll takes no more than 30 minutes.

In this image, you can see that a metal sheet is fed through rollers A and B. When the sheet passes through these rollers, the amount of force and the speed at which the rollers rotate help the manufacturers get desired shape.

The bending/rolling process progresses with the bends/rolls at the desired place in the metal sheet to shape it as required.

But which industries need these machines the most? Small and large industries like shipping, tubes & pipes, metal fabrication, boilers, earth moving, rocket shell manufacturers and others need 3-roll plate bending/rolling machines.

Let’s move on to the features of the Himalayan Machinery 3-roll bending/rolling machine.

What Features make Himalaya 3-Roll Plate Bending/Rolling Machines the First Choice of Manufacturers?

Bending/rolling is majorly mechanical work. However, technological advancement has enabled us to provide our customers with machines that provide the accuracy they need in their work.

We have delivered over 2500 machines throughout the country and overseas. With a good idea of what the customers need, we provide them with the best features available in the market.

Here are the features that make the Himalaya 3-roll plate bending/rolling machine the best choice for you as a manufacturer.

1. Thickness Range - 2mm to 160mm

The machine comes with the ability to bend/roll metal sheets as thin as 2mm to thick as 100mm. When it comes to varying workload handling, it is one of the most versatile machines.

2. Pre-Pinching and Pre-Bending

The 3-roll plate bending/rolling machine provides the smallest possible flat end for the metal sheet you have placed to bend/roll. This signifies a well-built machine since the result is what the manufacturer wants.

3. Interchangeable Top Roll

If you want to change the top roll, you can do it easily in your workspace; the process only takes 30 minutes. With this, you can insert another roll if your requirement changes or there is heavy wear and tear in the old top roll.

4. Surface Hardened Rolls

The rolls are hardened with an induction process, and the hardness of these rolls is between 42-55 HRC. This amount of hardness elongates the durability and longevity of the machine

5. Tilting Table

A tilting table becomes a necessary piece of equipment when handling a lengthier metal sheet. This table helps you set the sheets at a specific angle while feeding them to the machine, and they turn out extremely useful while bending sheets of larger lengths.

6. Conveyors

It is harder to feed larger-length metal sheets by yourself. To feed these metal sheets, the conveyors prove to be helpful. Himalaya provides this feature to address the needs of many manufacturers.

7. Central & Side Shell Protects

In the manufacturing industry, the safety of workers is a top priority. No worker wants to work in a company that doesn't pay heed to safety. Therefore, the 3-roll plate bending/rolling machine comes with central and side shell protection for the workers' safety.

8. Hard Chrome Plated Rolls

Selective industries require some regulations fulfilled, and we provide these Hard Chrome Plated rolls for the pharmaceutical and dairy industries.

9. PLC Control & CNC Capabilities

Upon investing, you need the return to be optimized. Meaning you will require the machine to work for a longer time. The 3-roll machine from Himalaya comes with precision and comparatively easier operation with PLC control and CNC capabilities.

10. Automation (Industry 4.0) Ready

Automation has helped in lowering the error rate in manufacturing units. In addition, when you switch to automation, you don't have to worry about investing money in brand-new machines because all Himalaya Machinery machines are future-read

These are the top 10 features we provide to generate great value for our customers and stakeholders.

Why Choose Himalaya?

Just like our name, our journey has been a grand one. As said earlier, we have installed more than 2500 machines worldwide and some machines sold 40 years ago are still running to date. We’ve got repeat orders from more than 400 customers across the globe due to the support we provide to our clients. Himalaya believes in efficient machines, excellent customer support, and an ever-lasting bond with customers.


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