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Here’s Your 8-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Plate Rolling Machine Manufacturer

Updated: Jan 19

Metal fabrication is one of the largest industries in current times. The market cap of this industry is forecasted to grow to $21776.18 million by the end of 2027 in the Metal Fabrication Market Report 2023 by Market Growth Reports. Do you know that metal fabrication has multiple operations under it? These functions are cutting, shearing, rolling/bending, punching, stamping, folding metal forming, and welding. So where do metal plate bending machines come in?

The industry is not limited to the above-listed work and continues to provide unparalleled service to the manufacturing world. Metal plate bending/rolling machines play a major role in the multi-million dollar output of the metal fabrication industry.

Metal plate bending machines have been around for almost 150 years now. While there are thousands of metal plate bending machine providers out there, it is only natural for you to get confused and lose time in comparing them. Want to get rid of the headache and choose the right manufacturer for your plate bending needs? We’ve got you covered.

The 8 Steps of Choosing a Metal Plate Bending Manufacturer

Metal plate bending or rolling machines are a huge investment to make. Note that the manufacturers must provide you not only the top-grade equipment but also the services and other additional features that make your workshop’s functioning seamless and efficient.

Here are the seven questions that you must ask about the manufacturers before buying a metal plate bending machine.

  1. Ask them about their experience and clientele in the industry.

  2. Do they have up-to-date technology in their machines?

  3. Do they provide different types of rolls?

  4. Does their machine provide the required accuracy and high productivity?

  5. Is comprehensive servicing available?

  6. Is there a facility for on-site installation?

  7. Is customer support available 24/7?

You may be curious about what answers to expect for these questions. Don’t be worried. We will be covering everything right here today so you can be worry-free.

1) Experience and Clientele Through the Years

While shortlisting companies, always note down the most experienced companies first. They have stayed in business and industry after not only serving clients but kept adapting to the trends that have come their way.

The clients that these companies have served will help you realize the level of work they have done and the service that they have provided. Take Himalaya Machinery, for example. We have served the metal fabrication industry for more than four decades now. Our clientele ranges from small businesses to national and multinational companies such as Tata Industries, Larsen & Toubro, Thermax, and others, along with several hundred repeat orders.

2) Manufacturing Capabilities

It is undeniable that the manufacturing capabilities of a company play a major role in making a decision. For example, we, Himalaya Machinery, have been in the metal forming industry for more than four decades. Apart from experience, what is the company's growth, the types of machines it provides, and mainly, does it have a primary manufacturing unit for the machine that you want?

Himalaya Machinery is spread in 16,000 square meters. We manufacture the following machines:

  • Three-roll plate bending machines

  • Four-roll plate bending machines

  • Variable geometry plate bending machines

  • Plate leveling machines

  • Plate straightening machines

  • Section bending machines

  • Panel bending machines

  • Shipyard and other presses

Our manufacturing set-up where we build these machines is comprised of the following:

  • Assembly line

  • Heavy and light machine shops

  • Fabrication shop

  • Heat treatment facility

  • Material testing laboratory

  • Quality Assurance system

  • Testing facilities of assemblies and sub-assemblies

3) Do They have the Latest Technology in Their Machines?

The developing manufacturing world requires companies to walk hand-in-hand with the modern world as it eyes to move ahead with paced-up development in technology. You need to research more about the manufacturer or ask them directly what advanced features they provide.

If there are no or less advanced technological features available, you must ensure you never look back to that manufacturer unless they learn and make their machines stand with current technological standards.

4) Do They Provide Multiple Numbers and Types of Rolls?

Multiple rolls are a necessity. The more the number of rolls, the more accurate and precise the output for your metal plate bending needs. Machines are available with 3, and 4-roll plate bending machine options.

You must buy the ones that fit your needs, budget, and workforce expertise. You may know that several industries require different types of rolls. Take surface-hardened rolls and hard chrome-plated rolls, for example. The normal hardened rolls serve for oil tanks, silos, rocket shell manufacturing, shipbuilding, and several other industries, but the pharma and dairy industries specifically require hard chrome-plated rolls for special applications.

5) Check the Machine’s Accuracy and Precision Level

Not all manufacturers will have what you need. It is fine because they may specialize in providing plate-bending machines to industries other than yours. It’s just that this manufacturer is not fit for your application. Thus, you must find the one that meets your metal plate bending requirements.

Machines that are highly durable and provide accuracy in output along with precision make the final product a lot more acceptable compared to one that compromises with both accuracy and precision.

6) Does this Manufacturer Have Comprehensive Servicing?

When you buy the machine, you are not only looking for the machine, but you are looking at the seamless process that is carried out with the help of end-to-end machinery.

By this, we mean to say that when you buy the machine, the manufacturer must also provide you with additional components necessary to carry out the metal plate bending operation without much hassle.

Himalaya rolling machine

The list of these components may include:

  • Tilting table for support while feeding plate to the rolls

  • Conveyors for larger metal plates

  • Central and side shell supports

  • PLC and NC/CNC control

Himalaya Machinery provides all the above-listed components and features to make sure its clients can come out on top.

7) Do They Provide On-Site Installation?

There is no further proof needed if a manufacturer is ready to come on-site and install the metal plate bending machine for you. It means that they care for your workshop as much as you do.

Contact the manufacturer or find out on their website whether they provide on-site installation or not. It is because an expert engineer from their side would come to your workshop, install the machine, and explain the functioning of the machine in detail.

8) Is there 24/7 Customer Support?

With such a huge investment like a metal plate bending machine, wouldn’t you want to have a team of support executives ready for you when you have a query regarding the machine or get into bigger trouble, such as your machine not working?

Of course, one doesn’t want to think that way, but the world is mundane, and you cannot overlook such instances. This is one of the major things that a manufacturer needs to have to be your pick for your metal plate bending machine requirement.

Wrapping Up

We hope that these questions help you with your requirements. It is only natural to research so much while making an investment that almost feels like a fortune. But we have made sure that you do the research in the correct direction and choose the right machine from the right manufacturer. We could do so because we, Himalaya Machinery, are one of the largest manufacturers of plate bending machines and other metal fabrication machines. Contact us if you have any queries or requirements.

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