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Plate Rolling Machine Price: Should It Be the Only Buying Criteria?

Ever been in a dilemma before investing in grocery items too heavy machinery, like plate bending machines? What factors do you consider: is it better price or quality? You may get both (quality and price) at the same time. But, of course, that's a rare case scenario.

Many models are available when buying a plate rolling/ bending machine. When buying a machine that best fits your needs is sometimes daunting to know where to begin. You may be unsure whether to prioritize your budget or opt for a pricier machine that delivers superior quality.

This blog will help you make THE RIGHT CHOICE. Let's dive into other crucial factors besides the plate bending machine price. Additional features, such as the quality and benefits of metal plate bending/rolling machines, play a major role in the multi-million dollar output of the metal fabrication industry.

Plate Rolling Machine Price: It Matters but How Much?

While cost consideration is of concern, would you compromise your machine's quality? Consider investing around 20 lakhs as a plate bending machine price. It’s a huge investment from your budget. But would you still invest the same amount if the quality is not prioritized?

Let's assume that one plate bending machine costs you a "y" amount while the same machine from another manufacturer costs you 1.5 times the "y" amount. The cheaper machine works for, say, 5 years and requires consistent service. On the other hand, the costlier machine works for decades with minor maintenance. Which machine would you choose?

Now the question is - before purchasing a plate rolling/bending machine, what other factors should you consider apart from its price?

What Other Factors are Important to Consider?

When purchasing a plate rolling machine, you should not overlook the importance of quality, productivity and materials used. These elements play a significant role in ensuring the machine's effectiveness and longevity. Consider these factors, along with the plate bending machine's price. Investing in metal plate bending/rolling machines is huge.

Here are seven factors that you should take into consideration before buying a metal plate bending machine.

Plate Rolling Machine

1. Technical Capabilities

A plate-bending machine can streamline your production process, reduce material waste, and achieve accurate and consistent results. Note that plate rolling machines' technical capabilities and quality can vary depending on the manufacturers.

The bend plates' quality is directly proportional to the machine's quality. This in turn affects overall efficiency, including providing accurate results, minimizing risks, and optimizing long-term productivity. Thus, it is crucial to invest in a reliable and high-quality machine.

2. Materials Used

The choice of top-notch material plays a key role in manufacturing a plate bending machine. Not all manufacturers will use top-quality materials, and the quality also affects the plate rolling machine's price.

Imagine constructing a machine with the finest materials available, carefully handpicking each component. The result? A magnificent masterpiece that surpasses expectations in every aspect.

3. Manufacturing Process

Before purchasing a machine, will you consider the machine alone or the entire manufacturing process?

The process of production and the necessary backend checks is crucial. To ensure that you're acquiring a quality machine that prioritizes safety, ask yourself these questions before making a purchase.

  • Design Verification: Does the machine's design meet the necessary functionality and safety requirements?

  • Material Inspection: Is the material providing strength, durability, and suitability to the product?

  • Component Testing: Is the manufacturer testing individual components for proper operation and reliability?

  • Assembly Evaluation: Does the manufacturer inspect the machine's assembly for proper alignment and secure connections?

  • Performance Testing: Does the machine provide bending accuracy, precision and repeatability?

  • Safety Assessment: Is the manufacturer assessing safety features and compliance with regulations?

  • Document Quality Control: Is the manufacturer documenting all inspections, tests, and certifications thoroughly?

  • Final Inspection and Approval: Is there a final assessment conducted to check the machine's overall quality before granting approval for its use?

1. Post-Installation Service

What if your machine stopped working? Wouldn't you want to have support technicians ready for when you have a problem with the machine? After all, it is a huge investment. When buying a plate bending machine, post-installation service is one of the most important factors to consider.

You need to know how long it will take for the manufacturer to provide this service to you. What if it takes more than your expected time? Post-installation services will ensure peak performance, safety compliance, and production or turnaround time. So, contact the manufacturer or research these services before you purchase a machine.

2. Uptime & Durability

Let's get back to the scenario where you buy a ₹20 lakhs plate bending machine. This is a huge chunk of your gross investment. Now the machine stops working after a few years, which was not worth your money. Thus, the amount of time your machine was operational has drastically reduced than what you expected.

Moreover, you would experience a disrupted workflow and a delayed project timeline due to the in-between machine breakdowns and repairs, leading to financial losses. Will this be worth your investment? No! So, for the long-term success of your project, you need to invest in a reliable and durable machine.

3. Delivery Time

Last, but not the least, imagine you purchased a plate rolling machine today, which is cost-effective for your total investment. But, the manufacturer delivers the machine months later.

What are the factors that will affect a delayed delivery time? Will it affect effective operations, ease resource planning or ensure business continuity? With such a huge investment, like a plate bending machine, wouldn't you want to have on-time delivery?

4. Company’s Reputation & History

Are you willing to buy a product with negative customer feedback or poor post-sales service? Of course, not!

A company's reputation & history play a major role when investing a king's ransom for one machine.

When choosing a manufacturer, consider customer feedback, machine design efficiency and client support. It's also crucial to assess whether the manufacturer offers reliable technical support and has long-term stability as a company.

It's important to acknowledge that these are crucial factors beyond the price when buying a plate rolling machine. While it may not be the most pleasant thing to think about, ignoring these elements could lead to a less efficient and effective machine in the long run.

Now, let’s have a look at the factors that Himalaya Machinery offers for plate bending machines.

What Quality Criteria Does Himalaya Consider When Evaluating Plate Bending Machines?

Metal plate bending machines have been in existence for almost 150 years. Despite the numerous providers of these machines, we at Himalaya Machinery have been a leader in the industry for over 40 years.

We consider top-notch design, quality, and machine performance apart from the plate rolling machines' price. The first machine we ever sold 40 years ago is still up and running. Thus, we prioritize ‘value for money’ as an important part of our services to our 400+ repeat clients and future clientele.

Let's look at the quality criteria we consider for our clients.

1. Technical Capabilities

Himalaya focuses on capacity, precision and optimal turnout. Our machines offer efficiency, lasting performance, edge-bending precision, value for money and low operational and maintenance costs.

Our product range includes:

Each machine offers unique technical capabilities. The purpose of each machine varies, depending on your requirement. Moreover, accuracy, precision and quality are never compromised.

2. Materials Used

We use high-quality materials for our machines and offer consistency in our products. Here are a few examples.

  • Plate Rolling Machine Structure

Our plate bending/rolling machines have a robust steel structure with heavy metal plates. This sturdy steel structure provides longevity and precision.

  • Plate Rolling Machine Rolls

Our rolls have a special spline-based design, efficiently connecting the machine rolls with the gear system. While the downside is that other manufacturers provide welded connections. Thus, our design decreases roll failures.

  • Plate Rolling Machine Crowning

We crown our rolls to compensate for natural roll deflection during the bending process. According to our customer's needs, we offer crown-machined rolls for different materials or thicknesses.

  • Hydraulic Gear System

We use the Himalaya Planetary driving system in our machines. The system provides efficiency and eliminates energy wastage. The hydraulic gear system achieves the goal of speed reduction.

Apart from the price, we precisely consider that the materials we are using are of top grade. Alongside the build quality, we provide additional features and accessories upon client requests.

3. Manufacturing Process

It is beyond doubt that a company's manufacturing process plays a major role in selecting a machine. We have been in the metal forming industry for more than four decades.

We prioritize quality checks and our manufacturing set-up consists of the following:

  • Assembly line

  • Heavy and light machine shops

  • Fabrication shop

  • Heat treatment facility

  • Material testing laboratory

  • Quality Assurance system

  • Testing facilities of assemblies and sub-assemblies

We offer unique manufacturing practices. For instance, we examine with a keen eye for perfection in our every plate rolling machine. We provide quality checks at every stage of the product life cycle, from RM to final dispatch.

4. Post-Installation Service

Our machines are simple to understand and maintain. Even normal or semi-skilled technicians can operate, maintain and repair them. We offer easy-to-understand, well-written and completely explained user manuals. Moreover, the machine operations are user-friendly. We also provide free online and remote assistance.

With low maintenance costs and minimum wear and tear, we provide our customers with quick service. Moreover, our products are easily available in the local industrial market, so the customers are not dependent on us at the time of breakdown.

5. Uptime & Durability

Himalaya offers 99% uptime. As mentioned above, the first ever machine we ever sold 40 years ago is still up and running. We have manufactured and commissioned more than 2500 machines across India and overseas. Because of our dedicated, experienced and highly trained manpower, our machines undergo minimum wear and tear.

6. Delivery Time

Our customers enjoy our on-demand services and ever-ready inventory for all the machines we manufacture. We commit to providing on-time delivery to our clients. Himalaya guarantees a readily accessible inventory of standard materials to minimize delivery time.

Plate Rolling Machine Price
Plate Rolling Machine Price

7. Reputation & History

Himalaya Machinery is India's first-ever founder of heavy engineering machines. For 45 years now, we are the leading manufacturer of plate rolling/bending machines.

Our more than 16,000 square meters manufacturing area gives us access to infrastructure facilities. We provide everything from raw materials and a skilled workforce to in-house designs and transportation. Beyond hassle-free plate rolling jobs, we have a loyal customer base of over 400 repeat and upcoming clients.

Final Words

We hope this blog helped you acknowledge that there are many other elements you can consider apart from the price of a plate bending machine. Because investing a fortune from the overall budget into machines like these requires careful research.

Since we have provided all these features to our clients for more than four decades, we know how crucial it is for you. So, don't hesitate to contact us for any other plate bending machine or metal fabrication machinery needs.

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