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How does Himalaya Ensure Optimum Manufacturing Quality?

Excellence is a seller. And we tell you this from our 40+ years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Since our inception, we, Himalaya Machinery, have had satisfied customers and happy stakeholders as our mission. Be it metal cutting, bending, welding, rolling, or CNC machining. We have always thrived for excellence.

We are a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and help customers become leading manufacturers in their respective fields. Realizing this thought commences by wielding a passionate workforce. As a result, our expertise is acknowledged by overseas customers from several countries.

How do we make it possible? The idea of satisfactory manufacturing excellence? Marching forward needs a set of discipline and values. Here are some values Himalaya Machinery has garnered as a pioneer of optimum manufacturing quality providers The Himalayan Core Values As a leading manufacturer, we realized from the beginning that a strong core of values is necessary, which will shape the future of our metal-bending/rolling brand.

  • Focus on Customers’ Success

A good doctor is one whom you don’t have to visit again. And when it comes to machine building, we, as a unit, focus on making end-to-end solutions for our customers so that they can run their businesses seamlessly.

If need be, we are present with our customer support and service engineers. But, we make all our efforts in the direction of the clients not needing help again.

  • Be Result Oriented

In the end, what matters is the results. Therefore, keeping the desired results in mind while making heavy machinery for our customers is necessary. This focus helps to proactively analyze and solve any difficulties the customers may face.

  • Taking Ownership

Himalaya Machinery has never looked the other way when it comes to standing for the consequences or solving existing or predictable critical problems. Taking responsibility needs nurturing, and Himalaya has well-nurtured this quality since the beginning.

  • Improve Continuously and Apply Creativity

They say perfection is a myth. It is more like a motivation to strive to improve at something. So we have kept improving, which led to exporting the first 3-roll plate bending/rolling machine to Kenya in 2016.

Getting creative helps provide more features in the machines for the customers and be in the same age the world wants to be. Adaptability is simplified with creativity at Himalaya Machinery.

  • Work As a Team

Working as a team is a necessity while manufacturing such large machinery. There is no margin for error, and as a team, it is made sure that the process has less erring or stays error-free.

  • Deliver Quality

No one wants to pay more and get less. Therefore, qualitative work is a primary focus and will stay that way when Himalaya Machinery delivers the work to customers.

All the work without the customers feeling satisfied is of no work. Thus, customer satisfaction tops our checklist of goals to be met.

Customer Satisfaction Comes First

Satisfying the customer is one point that proves that manufacturing excellence is met at the point of deal completion.

Himalaya Machinery builds user-friendly metal-forming solutions for manufacturers worldwide. And a reputation like this, as a brand that provides optimum manufacturing quality, is built on years of perseverance, experience, and excellence.

Two important points in the initial phase of customer acquisition.

  • On-hand stock

  • Skilled workforce

  • Always On-Hand Stock

Advanced planning helps make the customers know that we are the ones they can trust to get their work done. If you are in need, you need the machine as early as you can get. What else would be better than a solution provider who has on-hand stock?

This is an example of how much on-hand stock you can expect Himalaya to have when you contact us to fulfil your requirements.

  • Skilled Workforce

We are grateful to the entire workforce that has worked with the company since 1978 and joined later. Skillful individuals need to be cared for, and we have worked on it throughout our journey collectively as a brand.

Here are some stats to let you know how skilled the Himalayan workforce is.

  • 2500+ installations in India and abroad.

  • 400+ repeat orders from trusted customers.

  • 40+ years in the industry

Throughout the years, the manufacturing setup has grown into a vast world spread over 16,000 square meters.

Our Manufacturing Setup

We want to do so much as a manufacturing company in sheet metal, metal bending/forming, Shipyard and other leading industries. Our manufacturing arsenal line-up has the following sections.

1) Assembly Line

Three assembly lines that can handle 25, 50, and 100 tons of components for small, medium, and large machines are set up in Himalaya Machinery spread in 16,000 square meters.

2) Heavy and Light Machine Shop

Turning, threading, boring, cross boring, milling, profile threading, drilling, facing, and tapping are handled in these shops. These shops can handle up to 40 tons of components and machinery.

3) CNC Machine Shop

Two Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs), two CNC turning centers, and two heavy-duty CNC lathes are placed in the CNC shop to get the components processed with cutting-edge technology.

4) Heat Treatment Facility

To complement and benefit the work life of components we deliver to our customers, we take them to a heat treatment facility, impart benefiting properties and alter their microstructure.

5) Material Testing Laboratory

We test and check the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the materials we use to deliver the best quality machines to our customers.

6) Quality Assurance System

We leave no page unturned regarding the QA process of manufactured machines. The QA sector is independent, and only after the machines have been tested mechanically, physically, and chemically do they pass this quality assurance test.

7) Testing facilities of Assemblies and Sub Assemblies

We also assemble machines for our customers and have independent testing facilities for assembled and sub-assembled machines in Himalaya Machinery.

This is all that Himalaya does as a unit to satisfy not just our customers and stakeholders but also ourselves as a passionate workforce.

Some Last Words

As sophisticated and revolutionary as the setup of Himalaya Machinery looks, it has been only through around four decades of sweat-breaking hard work. Machine quality, customer satisfaction, and longer work life for machines are the three core goals that we aim to meet. Have machinery requirements? Here’s the list of all our products.

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