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Oil Tanks

Himalaya’s Variable Geometry Plate Bending Machines are ideal solutions for manufacturing of oil storage tanks.

Industry Value Chain

The global oil storage market is categorized into crude oil, gasoline, aviation fuel, naphtha, diesel, kerosene, and liquefied petroleum gas of which, the crude oil segment accounted for the largest share. The oil storage use steel, carbon steel, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic as preferred materials.

The global oil storage market size was valued at $12.2 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $18.4 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2021 to 2030. Oil storage tanks are required in the production, refining, and distribution of petroleum products. Small, bolted tanks are ideal for production fields while larger, welded storage tanks are used in distribution terminals and refineries throughout the world. The petroleum industry has experienced significant changes in the types of products used to feed the refineries around the world. Increased use of petroleum products has prompted the industry to turn to other sources for supply.

Oil Tanks

Product operating conditions, storage capacities, and specific design issues can affect the tank selection process. Changes in product, physical, and chemical properties impose new challenges to the storage tank industry. Environmental and safety requirements continue to be a significant factor in the selection and design of storage tanks used by the petroleum industry.

Himalaya’s Variable Geometry Plate Bending Machines are ideal as diameter of oil storage tanks are large and pre-bending is not equally important. Our machines have been widely used in oil tank manufacturing since years. Through 40+ years of experience and expertise of building plate bending machines, we have developed solutions that are targeted towards the safe and efficient manufacturing of oil storage tanks.

Why Himalaya?

  • Himalaya plate bending machines assure high productivity, precision and easy operations necessary in the manufacturing of oil tanks. Our machines are built to deliver quality rolling and pre-bending of the plates.

  • Himalaya machines have a robust steel structure made from heavy metal plates, connected to each other by a strong box design chassis with interlocking frames & strengthening ribs. These allow for parallelism of all axes and precise surfaces, as well as longevity and precision.

  • We design the rolls with optimal diameter and use forged carbon steel rolls machined by high precision CNC lathes. Our rolls have a special spline-based design that is extremely efficient in connecting the rolls with the planetary gear system. Our rolls are also crowned to compensate for roll deflection during the bending process.

  • Our machines are equipped with a hydraulic system which can work at less than full capacity when jobs less than maximum thickness are rolled. Twin speed operation also reduces the energy consumption up to 50% at slower speeds.

  • Himalaya Planetary driving system used in our machines is efficient and eliminates energy wastage associated with heavy-transmission systems and yet achieves the goal of speed reduction by increasing the stages in gears and pinions.

  • The simple yet robust design of our machines also enables ease of operations and faster manufacturing. And our full package of accessories provides quick movement of rolled plates for rolling, welding, and subsequent manufacturing activities. The high construction quality of our machines means that they can work 24 hours a day and are highly reliable with minimum downtime.

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