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Earth Moving Equipment

Himalaya's extensive range of metal forming solutions have been an industry-standard for the earth moving equipment industry.

Industry Value Chain

The global earth moving equipment market size was USD 69.85 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 84.24 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 2.4% during the forecast period.

The growth of earth moving equipment is being driven by the demand for excavators, loaders, dump trucks across the construction and mining sectors. Earth moving machinery includes heavy machinery that is used for excavating, grading rock and soil, etc. Generally, this equipment is considered to be an important resource for quarrying and demolishing activities, which are expected to grow with industrial development. Therefore, the Earth moving equipment market growth is expected to accelerate in the forthcoming years.

Earth Moving Equipment

In a bid to leverage this market potential, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are adopting different strategies including constant improvement in operations, developing advanced machinery, and offering better and efficient after-sales services to customers. There is increasing competition to deliver high-quality products and services that will benefit consumers in the long-run while lowering manufacturing costs.

The heavy earth moving equipment operate in continuously changing operating conditions while enduring different weather conditions, abuse and neglect. It is becoming essential for the manufacturers and service providers to continually develop innovative and robust designs in the heavy earth moving equipment segment.

Himalaya's extensive range of metal forming solutions have been an industry-standard for the earth moving equipment industry. Our 40+ years of experience and, advanced design and engineering capabilities at our expansive manufacturing facilities enable us to deliver robust, precise machines that have lowered operating and maintenance costs.

Why Himalaya?

  • Himalaya section & panel bending machines assure high productivity and extreme precision. Our machines are built to deliver quality rolling and pre-bending of the plates.

  • Our Section Bending Machines have been constructed in the form of a versatile pyramid type machine with two power driven rolls with fixed axes and a third roll with a power actuated and push button controlled adjustment for easy operations.

  • Himalaya machines have a robust steel structure with well-proportioned members and reinforcements that ensure longevity and precision of operations.

  • Our 16,000 square meters of manufacturing facility strategically allows us easy access to infrastructure facilities like transport, raw materials, skilled workforce, power supply etc.

  • Our manufacturing excellence is underpinned by continuous product development since 40+ years with focus on design, build quality, performance and value for money. All our designs have been developed in-house and are fully supported by us.

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The HIMALAYA Advantage

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